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February is Canine Dental Health Month

Harley's pearly whites! For this, my "maiden-voyage" blog, if you will, I'm kicking off with a tip  of the hat to February being Pet Dental Health Month. How many of us tend to our dog's teeth and gums on a regular basis? Just as we enjoy playing, snuggling, and taking our dogs to the vet for check-ups, we also need to brush those canine teeth! Our five "kids" (as we refer to them as) all now enjoy getting their teeth brushed. I do have to use the mint flavored pet toothpaste, though. No chicken flavor or anything funky like that. They love the smell of mint. Our one girl, the alpha queen, just loves to sniff anyone who has just brushed their own teeth! So getting her used to the process herself was easy! As you can see from her photo here, she is quite proud of her smile! Some of our kids prefer the finger brush to the standard toothbrush. But that's okay. They both work well. The finger brush actually allows some gum massaging, which is a gre