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Winter Solstice: Wolfie Kisses From Heaven. My Boy is Home

  Since my Wolfie has sent signs of snow to me~my Wolfie kisses from Heaven~I had this beautiful snowflake ornament made for the tree as a tribute to him.   Front & Back of Wolfie's Snowflake Memorial Ornament  And below, a snowflake bracelet. On Saturday, two weeks to the day after Wolfie earned his silver harness, my boy is back home forever and now with. And in his true snowdog fashion, it began snowing as we drove back toward our home. ❄️ See the snow? Oh, how my heart welcomes this.    If you read my Goodbye Wolfie post , as he was leaving this earth, I whispered in his ear to send me snow as a sign he reached the other FiveSibes north of the Rainbow Bridge. And he did! He is once again sending me snowflakes; Wolfie kisses from Heaven…to let me know he is at peace with my other FiveSibes: Harley, Gibson, Chloe, and Bandit. How important these signs are, and to know my baby boy of FiveSibes heard me and granted me my final wish from him, so I lift my face toward the he