Winter Solstice: Wolfie Kisses From Heaven. My Boy is Home


Since my Wolfie has sent signs of snow to me~my Wolfie kisses from Heaven~I had this beautiful snowflake ornament made for the tree as a tribute to him.

Front & Back of Wolfie's Snowflake Memorial Ornament 

And below, a snowflake bracelet.

On Saturday, two weeks to the day after Wolfie earned his silver harness, my boy is back home forever and now with. And in his true snowdog fashion, it began snowing as we drove back toward our home. ❄️ See the snow? Oh, how my heart welcomes this.


 If you read my Goodbye Wolfie post, as he was leaving this earth, I whispered in his ear to send me snow as a sign he reached the other FiveSibes north of the Rainbow Bridge. And he did! He is once again sending me snowflakes; Wolfie kisses from Heaven…to let me know he is at peace with my other FiveSibes: Harley, Gibson, Chloe, and Bandit. How important these signs are, and to know my baby boy of FiveSibes heard me and granted me my final wish from him, so I lift my face toward the heavens, let the cool flakes fall on this tear-stained, broken-hearted FiveSibesMom, and whisper, "Rest in peace, my sweet boy. Love you, Wolfie."


I am so touched by the vet hospital staff that cared for my Wolfgang in his final moments, and with his after care. As I mentioned in my goodbye post, because it was a Saturday, my mobile vet was not available. And in these strange Covid times, the 24-hour ER vet hospital was now closed after hours due to a staff shortage. That shortage burdened other area vets, so we were not able to take him there. We brought him to a hospital over 45 minutes away; one we had never been to before, who from the moment they heard me crying my story on the phone, although packed-made time and room for us. When we arrived, the care caring. And today, they not only were kind in their manner, but also sent us home with Wolfie, but also a personal note about how he was snuggled in his bed (I brought it and requested he be put to eternal rest on it), and how he had his personalized bandana laid across him as I left it. They snipped a piece of it and adhered it on the bereavement card that contained this lovely note. Tears flowed as I read how they care for him and respected my wishes and even sent a token. This along with his clay pawprint, a clipping of fur, an eternity charm with his name and symbol, a magnet, a scroll of The Rainbow Bridge poem, a candle in a personalized votive holder, and wildflower seeds in the form of a paw to be planted over his (and all of my FiveSibes) final resting place here in my backyard. It was all done with such loving care and kindness, which somehow, even if in a small way, made a painful day just a little less painful. I cannot thank them enough.

As so many of us who have lost a beloved pet, we know that this return home symbolizes a closing of a chapter. And what a wonderful chapter it was. This day is a surreal period of time between raw grief and some kind of relief to have our beloved pet back home. It will be a time for healing next...but the pawprint on my heart will always remain. While I see and hear him everywhere, and I know that squeeze on my heart will eventually become a beautiful memory--an imprint on my heart for all of my days, it's still raw and to simply put it, I miss my boy, and he will be Forever in My Heart. 

Today is the Winter Solstice, and we join other Siberian Husky families in lighting our candle in memory of my dear boy, Wolfie, as he passed so recently. Worldwide families of Siberian Huskies furangels will join in to light candles at 8PM in their honor. We hope you will join us, too.

The candle below is for Wolfie. It is the one given to me by the caring vet office staff who helped me help my boy to cross to the Rainbow Bridge.

This candle is for you, my sweet Wolfie boy.



And these candles are for all of my FiveSibes: #LiveGibStrong for Gibson & Epilepsy Awareness, and my #FiveSibes now all furangels: Harley, Gibson, Wolfgang, Chloe & Bandit

(Personalized candles purchased from fellow Husky lover and artist, DMK Creations)

My beautiful #FiveSibes Forever in My Heart
(left to right) Wolfie, Bandit, Chloe, Gibson & Harley) 

Thanks to Lisa Schaldemose for sharing this beautiful Northern Lighst photo.

For all of our fellow Blogville friends who have also lost a beloved pet this year. Thank you, Ann of Zoolatry, for this and all your beautiful badges.



  1. Beautiful. Big healing hugs. ♥

  2. It's comforting to have them home where they belong.

  3. Those snowflakes truly touch the heart.

  4. ♥Forever Wolfie and the Five Sibes♥

    They will live on through you.

  5. We should all have vet offices like that one...I think somehow things worked out to help you with Wolfie...and now with the snowflakes it really did.
    Thanks for baring your heart and feelings so poignantly.
    ((((( ♥ )))))

  6. All such beautiful and caring gestures. May the snowflakes bring Wolfie closer to you this winter season. Sending warm thoughts of comfort. ❤️‍🩹

  7. Beautiful way to remember such a beautiful dog. Really felt the love in this post ❤️

  8. I’m so glad he sent you snowflakes, he was the absolute best. Sending you all our love! Ally and Scarlett


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