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Feeling Fit and Fine on a Flashback Friday!

We were so thrilled to have won first place in the BlogPaws "Get Fit With Your Pet Month" back in January, so I thought this would be perfect for our Flashback Friday! This is one of my favorite photos I've taken of my FiveSibes having fun in the back yard playing their version of Husky Ball! (Note the tennis ball in Harley's mouth to the far left!) So naturally, I was very proud and pleased it was selected as the first place photo in the BlogPaws Photo Contest! As a result of my photo being chosen - I received a fantastic $75 gift certificate from Pet360 for which we selected a case of the FiveSibes fave dog food and treats from Blue Buffalo! When the box arrived, they excitedly sniffed it and knew full well it was for them! Thanks so much to BlogPaws and Pet 360 !   Today is also our co-host's birthday! So please join us here at the FiveSibes in sending out warm wishes and woos and Husky hugs to Jenna over at Love is Being Owne