Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Canidae's Grain-Free Pure Heaven Biscuits Review #ChewyInfluencer

Harley checks out the new bag of treats!

"Treats!" Okay, when we say that magical word, whose dog does NOT come running?!  I think it's my FiveSibes favorite word! They know right away what it means and automatically assume the seated position, with Chloe, of course, being very verbal wanting her yummy snack! Whether it's the shake of the treat container, or the sound of a treat bag being opened, these pups know something delicious is coming!

 Wolf sniffs out the biscuits. "Woo...(sniff-sniff)...
do I smell salmon and sweet potatoes?!"

I am very choosy here about what my Huskies are given to eat for both food and treats. So,when I heard about Canidae's Grain-Free Pure Heaven Biscuits from, I knew I had to give them a try as my FiveSibes love salmon and sweet potato, and I especially liked that they are grain-free and made right here in the USA by a family-owned company! 

 Chloe, Wolf, Bandit & Harley like the bite-size biscuits!

FiveSibes is a #ChewyInfluencer. We received this 11 oz bag of CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Heaven Biscuits with Salmon & Sweet Potato Crunchy Dog Treats, free of charge from in exchange for our honest review. I share only our personal experiences and opinions on brands and products I would use or give my own FiveSibes. 
   Bandit is lip smacking in anticipation of another!
Verdict: Four Paws Up for Pure Heaven !

Friday, January 25, 2019

Nature's Drive-In Theater, #FiveSibes Style!

After Winter Storm Harper left town and approximately eight inches of snow and ice, our crazy weather changed drastically once again to 45 degrees and rain, which produced much fog. My Flashback Friday photo this week is not that far down Memory Lane as it is from yesterday! You see, keeping Huskies cooped indoors during a snowstorm, rain, or bitter temps is a challenge as this is their season! So, needless to say, they were very happy to be out today on the deck listening to the pitter-patter of rain one the deck roof as they relaxed on their fluffy beds with a front row seat to Mother Nature's show of fog rolling in over the snow!

Pass the popcorn, please!

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

#FiveSibes Pupsters Celebrate 11th Birthay!

What a special day here at FiveSibes...our Pupsters, Chloe, Wolf, and Bandit turned 11! It's been such  joy watching these siblings grow up together - and days filled with love, fun, chaos, and laughter raising three puppies at once, with two more young Huskies - our "originals" Harley and Gibson who were just pups themselves at three and two years of age at the time we brought home the Pupsters!

Our Pupsters as12-week-old puppies!
Oh, the days of training three - lots of craziness and fun - and pee pads and poop! But believe it or not, teaching three puppies at the same time was pretty awesome! My daughter, who was my co-parent and trainer, spent every day with them while I was work. When they learned something new, they learned it together! To this day when you say "Potty off the deck!" all three (actually all five, now four) would turn and run off the deck together tandem-style! 

Watching them, I still cannot believe they are now considered "seniors!" How can that be? Wasn't just yesterday they only 12-week old puppies?! 

Wolf watching cake prep!
Birthdays here at FiveSibes have always been fun. I think they always loved cake time the best! Their favorite? Hu-mom's homemade vanilla ice cream with doggie cookie crumb topping! And the most precious part? Watching them all eat it together.  This year, Chloe had a severe allergic reaction just two days before (read about it HERE) that really frightened us. I am so thankful that, with medications, she is all better and enjoying her special day with her sister and brother,  "foster" momma Harley, and her hu-family!

 "Woo! It's that time!!!"


"Momma" Harley joins in for some yummy ice cream cake!

Memories of yesteryear: Big brother Gibson joining in for some cake! Note the ice cream on his nose!

Forever this will be one of the best experiences of my life...sharing our days with these amazing, beautiful, loving, zany Huskies.

Happy Birthday, Chloe, Bandit, and Wolfie! 
Here's to many more years of celebrating! 

And the Pupsters received a great gift - Mother Nature sent them snow via Winter Storm Harper! Here, Harley was out playing, and of course, you can't get a snowdog in when it's snowing, especially at night!

What a birthday! Wolfie was the first one to fall fast asleep!
Sweet Sibe dreams!

"You take away all the other luxuries in life, and if you can make someone smile and laugh, you have given the most special gift: happiness." ~Brad Garrett 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

What the Heck Happened to Chloe? Beware of Winter Allergies!

It started off like any other evening. Our Huskies went out for about an hour for a little yard fun and chilling on their deck beds before dinner. just like they do every day. Or so I thought.

As they were coming back inside, I was startled to notice sweet Chloe's left eye was red and swollen shut (below photo on left).
 First the left eye...then the nose and right eye...

What the heck? Within 15 minutes, the swelling spread across her nose and into her right eye, too. Talk about getting worried.

The other three Sibes were just fine. So, what happened to Chloe?

 Chloe with her uber-swollen squishy face and muzzle.

With an antihistamine in her, we did a search of the yard, deck, her sign of anything out the norm. Her food, supplements, and treats all the same brands as usual.

Then her face got really squishy, and her muzzle really swelled. More antihistamine.

Then her original swollen eye got better, and her good eye was swollen shut! As well as her nose and mouth. The rest of behavior was normal, and she was still eating and drinking.

Now her good eye is swelled shut!
Talk about a frightening enigma. 

Then she started vomiting...and it was immediately off to the vet, where we received a confirmation of a severe allergic reaction to ... something! 

 Still swollen muzzle and cheeks.

 An injection of both an antihistamine and a steroid, Chloe's puffy snout and eyes finally started to become less swollen. With a prescription in hand, Chloe thankfully came back home with us and is now resting. It is so important to be sure to act fast with allergies as you never know when or if it can turn into anaphylaxis, which is an absolute emergency.

 Chloe in her favorite spot letting the medications 
do their thing.

Even though it is winter here in the northeast, and some days are chilly (like today) hovering around 11 degrees in the morning and 25 during the day, it did tip the mercury at 42 degree yesterday. So do we have some kind of arctic bug or spider capable of taking down an almost 80 pound Husky with a mere bite? Or with this crazy weather Mother Nature has been exposing us to (thank you global warming), did a hibernating bee or insect in a dopey winter state become wake enough to sting our girl? No infection, she did not come in contact with any toxins that we know of, and no change to brands of food or treats...

After lots of prayers and a #pawcircle for healing on our social media pages, we are so appreciative for the kindness and support from everyone. We are so thankful to have our girl back home and hopefully on the mend. I still wish we knew the cause...

So, what the heck...? 

Has your pet encountered a strange winter allergic reaction to something unknown?

I'll be taking tomorrow off to be with dear Chloe, so I am combining today's post with our Friday's Flashback Friday! But we will be back for their 11th Birthday celebration on Saturday! Hope you'll come back to join us!

Sweet Chloe: Flashback Photo  Autumn 2015!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner Review #ChewyInfuencer

Woooo, come on, Mom, says Chloe. Open up the cans!

With the New Year, many of us set a goal to eat better, shed a few pounds, and feel healthier. Well, the same goes for our beloved dogs! Here at FiveSibes, our Siberian Huskies' weight has always been fairly easy to maintain. Except for one--our dear, sweet Chloe. She breaks all the rules. She will eat anything and everything, and she does not have a full switch! She automatically knows when it is dinner time, and for meals and snacks she is always the first one front and center, verbally reminding us exactly what time it is! 
Woo! Our Chewy food came!

She will also sneak in to clean the others' bowls of any leftovers, and even sometimes
sneaks in to eat while they are just to get some more tidbits of food! I have to monitor her food intake as she will have it inhaled before the others' dishes are even set down. Our brand choice of dog food just happens to be Blue Buffalo, although, I have never tried the Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner With Garden Vegetables and Brown Rice canned food before. With weight being a forever issue with Chloe (food is her "thing") and our athletic girl Bandit we need to keep an eye on as she can put on a pound here and there, so I monitor their food and snacks, I was very pleased to try this particular formula and the best part it is our brand of choice!

Bandit trying her Husky Mind Trick to open can!

FiveSibes is a #ChewyInfluencer. We received this case of Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables and Brown Rice canned dog food free of charge from in exchange for our honest review. I share only our personal experiences and opinions on brands and products I would use or give my own FiveSibes.  

What do we love about this food?

1. The first ingredient is not a by-product, as with so many other brands. I mean, would you eat a by-product? Not me! The first item is real de-boned chicken. Yum!

Chloe loves everything about it!
2. It has vegetables and fruits: carrots, peas, blueberries and cranberries. Not only are they good for my dogs, but it also gives the food an appealing taste they really enjoy.

3. Another key element - the food contains no corn, wheat, or soy!

4.  It contains chelated minerals to boost the immune system - which is great for any dog, but especially for senior dogs, which my Huskies now are (our three "Pupsters" siblings Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit will be 11 in five days, and our alpha queen Harley turns 14 in March). Keeping that immune system strong and healthy is a top priority.

5. It also contains Biotin, which is part of the B-complex vitamin, and is said to help keep skin and coat healthy. Again, so important for any dog, but especially seniors, and our Harley has been dealing with skin allergies and bald spots, so having her on this should be a positive thing to help her coat and skin.

6. It's a paté formula, which means it is easily blendable with their dry food and my homemade add-ins.

7. It is a brand we use and have trusted since puppyhood!

8. Lastly, but definitely important, My FiveSibes love it!

Hey FiveSibes! They Like It!

Wolf busy cleaning his bowl!
While Chloe is the one I have to help watch her easily expandable waistline as she is quite the foodie, it is important to help all of our Huskies maintain a healthy weight, so I did not hesitate to let them all try the food, which is soft and easily mixed into their kibble. At first I wondered if they would balk at a weight control formula. Maybe it would be bland and they would turn their nose up at it...but, no! 

All done, says Harley!
All four of my Sibes eagerly dove into their food, licking their bowls clean. As of today, it is their fifth night of this flavor and formula, and they are enjoying it just the same as day one! Even Wolf and Harley, who do not have a weight problem, enjoy the taste! I  feel good about giving it to them, particularly Chloe, because I know it will help keep her weight under control, and she doesn't even know she is on a "diet" formula! So, will be our little secret!

 Chloe says, "More Homestyle Chicken Dinner please?!"

If you are looking to keep your dog's weight under control while feeding them a flavor they will enjoy, head on over to to try the Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner With Garden Vegetables and Brown Rice! It's paw-lickin' good! Oh, and PS - We love the home delivery program!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Celebrating My Dear Daughter's Birthday on a Special #FiveSibes Flashback Friday!

Today is a very special day and Flashback Friday here at's my darling daughter's (our FiveSibes co-guardian) birthday! Not only is she my amazing girl whom I am so very proud of, but she's also my best friend! She has assisted in the raising, training, and caring for our FiveSibes. Our amazing journey together with our five Siberian Huskies initially all goes back to her love of the breed and that wonderful day almost 14 years ago when she chose puppy Harley and puppy Harley chose her, and we welcomed our (future) alpha queen to our family! Shortly after, we were hit with the "Potato Chip Theory," which is once you have one Siberian Husky, you want (need) more! So, over the period of two years, we added four more, and they became the FiveSibes! 

Prior to Huskies, we had two wonderful rescues, Sandy, the first dog my husband and I welcomed after being married, 13 years later, Chelsey came bounding into our lives and was my daughter's childhood buddy. For today's special Flashback Friday, we are taking a fond look back at the furry loves of my daughter over the years!

"A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous, full of beauty and forever beautiful, loving and caring and truly amazing."~Deanna Beisser

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