#FiveSibes Pupsters Celebrate 11th Birthay!

What a special day here at FiveSibes...our Pupsters, Chloe, Wolf, and Bandit turned 11! It's been such  joy watching these siblings grow up together - and days filled with love, fun, chaos, and laughter raising three puppies at once, with two more young Huskies - our "originals" Harley and Gibson who were just pups themselves at three and two years of age at the time we brought home the Pupsters!

Our Pupsters as12-week-old puppies!
Oh, the days of training three - lots of craziness and fun - and pee pads and poop! But believe it or not, teaching three puppies at the same time was pretty awesome! My daughter, who was my co-parent and trainer, spent every day with them while I was work. When they learned something new, they learned it together! To this day when you say "Potty off the deck!" all three (actually all five, now four) would turn and run off the deck together tandem-style! 

Watching them, I still cannot believe they are now considered "seniors!" How can that be? Wasn't just yesterday they only 12-week old puppies?! 

Wolf watching cake prep!
Birthdays here at FiveSibes have always been fun. I think they always loved cake time the best! Their favorite? Hu-mom's homemade vanilla ice cream with doggie cookie crumb topping! And the most precious part? Watching them all eat it together.  This year, Chloe had a severe allergic reaction just two days before (read about it HERE) that really frightened us. I am so thankful that, with medications, she is all better and enjoying her special day with her sister and brother,  "foster" momma Harley, and her hu-family!

 "Woo! It's that time!!!"


"Momma" Harley joins in for some yummy ice cream cake!

Memories of yesteryear: Big brother Gibson joining in for some cake! Note the ice cream on his nose!

Forever this will be one of the best experiences of my life...sharing our days with these amazing, beautiful, loving, zany Huskies.

Happy Birthday, Chloe, Bandit, and Wolfie! 
Here's to many more years of celebrating! 

And the Pupsters received a great gift - Mother Nature sent them snow via Winter Storm Harper! Here, Harley was out playing, and of course, you can't get a snowdog in when it's snowing, especially at night!

What a birthday! Wolfie was the first one to fall fast asleep!
Sweet Sibe dreams!

"You take away all the other luxuries in life, and if you can make someone smile and laugh, you have given the most special gift: happiness." ~Brad Garrett 


  1. Happy Birthday wonderful woofies!

  2. 🦴*♪ღ♪Happy★Birthday, guys! ♪ღ♪*🦴 Love your birthday bone shaped cake! Too cool.

  3. Happy 11th Birthday Chloe, Wolf, and Bandit. We hope you had a wonderful day filled with delicious cake and new toys to play with. Thanks for sharing the amazing photos. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  4. Happy Happy 11th!!! Dakota is 11 (he will be 12 in Feb), have a pawesome day!

  5. Happy 11th birthday pups! That's awesome. My oldest boy just turned 10 the day after Christmas. Wow I can't imagine raising 3 puppies at once. That must have been a task and a half, but so worth all the work.

  6. Happy birthday! 11 is an amazing age. They are so beautiful. Lots of pee and poops as a puppy, so cute.

  7. Happy Birthday to all 3 of you with love from Layla. I do not have an exact birth date for her so I make her gotcha day her birthday and she will be 12 this year. WOW - we are all growing old LOL

  8. Oh bless them they're such cuties!! Happy Birthday Pupsters...and many more. Dorothy I don't know how you handled 3 puppies at once, I couldn't even imagine handling 1 tiny one. Your home must have been, and still is filled with so much love, joy and fun antics from your tribe. Your daughter must have had a blast growing up with them as well.

  9. Happy birthday!! We added a new family member last father's day and it's been CRAZY! Enjoy your time with these lovely souls!

  10. Happy birthday Pupsters. Sounds like a purrfect day. Love the snowdog in the snow.

    I don't know how you managed 3 puppies at one time. I have 2 kittens right now and they drive me out of my mind.

  11. Happy birthday, pupsters! We hope your day was filled with treats and lots of kisses.

  12. What a great time and happy birthday Chloe, Wolf, and Bandit! I love that they gobbled down the ice cream goodies - what a perfectly, lovely day!

  13. Aww, happy birthday! I hope that cake tasted at least half as good as it looked.

  14. Happy Birthday to the Pupsters! I'm not sure why I didn't remember that they were litter mates. It looks like they loved their cake!

  15. Wow! 11 years! I don't think I knew they were all littermates! I hope you have many more years with them.


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