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Christmas Card Trivia on a Flashback Friday!

'Tis the season...for holiday cards!  Let's test your musical holiday knowledge! How many of you recall this Christmas classic song?  "Greeting cards have all been sent  The Christmas rush is through  But I still have one wish to make  A special one for you  Merry Christmas darling..." I bet you are humming that tune now! I am a little late to my own blog hop this week, but it's never too late as you can join in all week with any special memories you may like to share! My special FiveSibes Flashback Friday photo up top is from a few years back when my boys, Wolf and big brother Gibson, joined me in opening up the many wonderful cards sent to us by their fans and friends (they actually receive way more cards than we get)! Since my mother and Gibson's passing, and now with my father-in-law just a month ago, we are taking a respite from sending cards, but do look forward to hopefully once again joining in this wonderful tradition next