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Shades of Beauty

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you. " ~Walt Whitman As a photography student (some 40 years ago!), I learned my craft shooting black and white photos and developing them in a dark room in the basement of my school. Seeing the images first briefly under the enlarger, and then slowly come to life in the developing tray as the chemicals worked their magic, was what fed my creative spirit! Today, my Huskies are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. I especially love to do natural lighting portraits, freestyle. No lamps. No tripods. No fancy photo gimmicks. Just pure natural light, my dog, may camera, and me. That's why I love this portrait I shot of Gibson as he was sitting in the living room glancing out of the window as the sun beamed in, flooding him in beautiful light and shadows. These candid moments steal my breath away as I quickly and quietly reach for one of my cameras before the moment passes. These are som