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Walkin' on Sunshine With Help From ToeGrips®: A FiveSibes Review & Coupon!

ToeGrips make Gibson a happy Husky! Many of you already are familiar with my boy Gibson's journey with Canine Epilepsy that I have blogged about here over the years. (If you are new to my blog, you can put "Gibson" or "Canine Epilepsy" in the search box to pull up the posts). Gibson, who is now nine, has been on the medications Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide since he was diagnosed at age three. While medications can manage seizures, the downside is the possible side effects, such as lethargy, weight gain, and weak hind issues, all of which Gibson has experienced and lives with every day. Aside from the Conservative Care Management course of treatment I give him, which includes vitamin supplements, rehab walking in a lift harness, use of leg braces, and laser therapy, I am always extremely cautious with his care. It's truly a rollercoaster ride at times with worry about his physical handicaps, so small successes are a huge achievement! But the natur