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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Walkin' on Sunshine With Help From ToeGrips®: A FiveSibes Review & Coupon!

ToeGrips make Gibson a happy Husky!
Many of you already are familiar with my boy Gibson's journey with Canine Epilepsy that I have blogged about here over the years. (If you are new to my blog, you can put "Gibson" or "Canine Epilepsy" in the search box to pull up the posts). Gibson, who is now nine, has been on the medications Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide since he was diagnosed at age three. While medications can manage seizures, the downside is the possible side effects, such as lethargy, weight gain, and weak hind issues, all of which Gibson has experienced and lives with every day. Aside from the Conservative Care Management course of treatment I give him, which includes vitamin supplements, rehab walking in a lift harness, use of leg braces, and laser therapy, I am always extremely cautious with his care. It's truly a rollercoaster ride at times with worry about his physical handicaps, so small successes are a huge achievement! But the nature of the beast is that I never know when something, like a fall or ligament tear, will rear its ugly head and challenge both Gibson and myself.

Gibson has had weak hind end issues for years.
Since we have flooring and not rugs, Gibson's feet slip and slide and he has done a split and wound up prone on the floor a few times. A heart stopper for me. With his weak hind issues, something as a simple slip or slide can really do some serious damage. Additionally, he has torn both of his CCLs and had a fall a year ago that left him lame. Thankfully, after more than 12 months of holistic treatments, supplements, aids such as a lift harness and leg braces, and finally light rehab walking, my boy can now stand for a very short bit on his own and walk a few steps around the house, which is a great accomplishment! He is still in a lift harness for his outdoor (bathroom) walks. I keep his nails trimmed, as well as the long fur around his paw pads, to help him from sliding. But he still slips. 

Gibson on one of the throw rugs.
Enter throw rugs. I have all lengths and sizes of throw rugs throughout my house to give him the safety he needs. And I have to admit, while the throw rugs are not a pretty sight, I keep them there for the safety and security of Gibson. And then last winter, I heard about Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips. They seemed simple enough--they slip on over the dog's nails. And they look your dog had a colorful manicure! I contacted them and after learning more, knew this was something that could possibly help Gibson. I knew I needed to give these a try. If they worked, then some of the worry of him slipping and falling and causing even more injury to  his already weak hind end and knees could be eliminated. How wonderful that would be! And maybe, just maybe, I could remove a few of the throw rugs scattered about! An added bonus!

Who is Dr. Julie Buzby? 

Dr. Buzby is a certified holistic veterinarian and founder of ToeGrips. States her website, "As an integrative veterinarian, Julie seeks to integrate the best of Western medicine, alternative therapies, and creative tools for maximum wellness in her patients. She is the "Ask the Vet" columnist for the All Things Dog Blog and serves on the Advisory Board of the Grey Muzzle Organization." You can read more about Dr. Buzby HERE.

How do you know what size ToeGrips to order for your dog? 

First, you need to measure your dog's nails. Simple directions on how to do this are on the ToeGrips website.

Once the ToeGrips are ordered and have you have them, putting them on only takes a few minutes and are quite easy to do. Full instructions on website and in the package.

How do you put them on?

 The rubber grips are first placed in rubbing alcohol and then put on wet. They are positioned on the dog's toe nail in the "grip zone" giving them instant traction. 
Courtesy of

Gibson's paw with ToeGrips on.

At first I thought Gibson would nibble at them and manage to pull them off, but they are pretty secure, he did not bother them, and doesn't seem to mind them being on at all! ToeGrips recommends replacing every one to three months, depending on your dog's wear and tear. They need to be checked daily to ensure they did not shift position and get too close to the nail bed. Always have nails in good shape and trimmed prior to putting on the ToeGrips. (And with Gibson being a wooly Husky, a trim to the fur around the paw pads as that fur can make them slide). Gibson is green for large, and they are priced at a very fair price of $29.99.* A small price to pay for the traction it provides!  

*Be sure to check out our special 10% discount coupon code below that ToeGrips has offered especially for our FiveSibes readers and listeners!

But do they really work?

Gib standing at the window.
Yes, they do! I have to admit, when I rolled up the living room and kitchen rugs to have give them the walk test with the ToeGrips on, I was pretty anxious as I would never want to do anything to hurt him and I definitely thought "What if he slips?" But I had watched several of the ToeGrip videos on their website of dogs in the same situation as Gibson and was amazed with the results. After an initial balk (knowing the floor was bare), he trusted me enough to come when I called him. He walked ever-so-gingerly testing the typically slippery floor, and as he kept his footing, the smile spread from his mouth to his eyes! He had one slight slip, but was able to regain footing instantly with the grips on. He even was able to stand for about a minute looking out the window without slipping down to the floor! 

If your dog is arthritic, has special needs, or is just afraid of walking on flooring, it's so important to give them the footing stability that also gives them a peace of mind, reassuring them that when they are standing or walking, whether on their own or in a lift harness, they have safe footing. In Gibson's case, his new normal since his fall is that he can't stand for very long, and his walking is limited to around the house before he needs to sit down. But, once he is up whether I assisted him with the harness, or if he is able to get himself up (all depending on the state of his weak hind end), what a peace of mind knowing that he can now safely navigate our floors with paw stability.

Gibson himself, as you can see in my video below, did not want to cross the floor at first. He knew that the floor equaled a slip or fall. After some persuading, he put his trust in me and walked across the floor! Each step had purpose as he placed it down and quickly realized his footing was more secure. Watching him gain confidence was just exhilarating! And he knew it, too! And this was just Day One of wearing the ToeGrips!

ToeGrips are such a great asset to a dog who is rehabilitating or has special needs, like Gibson, to help them gain confidence from the instant traction they provide. Just 16 little colorful rubber pieces made such a difference. I'm thrilled to have discovered ToeGrips and enjoyed giving them a test run! I'm so impressed with them, I offered to do this review to help other dog parents and I will be purchasing them for Gibson as part of his continuous Conservative Care.

And as a special offer to our FiveSibes readers, ToeGrips is offering 10% off your order! Just be sure to give them the special discount coupon code: FIVESIBES10.

We give the Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips a hearty FiveSibes Four-Paws (times 5!) Rating of Excellence!

Dr. Buzby's amazing ToeGrips for Dogs is currently up for a Chase Mission Main Street small business grant, and they need our votes to help them be considered! After having Gibson test walk these ToeGrips, I can't say enough about them and sure hope they can be awarded the grant so that many more dogs with special needs, arthritis, recuperating from surgery, or has a fear of floors, can be helped by this fantastic product! To vote, please visit HERE.



  1. Awww, bless that dear sweet boy - so brave and so handsome. The vet wanted Mom to try those for Phantom, but he was so picky about his feet being touched she would never have been able to get them on him. We had/have all the throw rugs around wherever there is hardwood or tile. We are so happy to see Gibson up and about and are very excited that the toe grips work for him.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

    1. Thank you! I'm so thrilled with these and seeing Gib actually have confidence to cross the bare floor was amazing. Sweet angel Phantom...I think of him often.

  2. Wish we had known about these when our Benji was still with us. Toward the end of his cancer battle, his feet would slide apart even on carpeting. So glad they're working for Gibson.

    1. So sorry about Benji. I, too, wish these were around for him. I'm so glad they are here now and will be able to help dogs from here on out. Hope all is well with your hu-sister.

  3. That is such a terrific idea! Yes, the peeps wish those would have been around when there were two doggies living here, they could have sure used those.

    1. I wish too! I'm so happy they are now to help many doggies now and in the future. The difference in Gibson's personality when it comes to walking is amazing! And that alone is worth it! :-)

  4. It's awesome that ToeGrips give Gibson more stability. It must be so nice for him to be able to walk around more and with more confidence!

    1. Oh yes, it really is, Fur Everywhere! ! It just warms my heart to see him gaining confidence! His new favorite thing is standing on the floor to gaze out that window!

  5. Such a great product, thanks for this thoughtful & thorough review!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Thank you, Cathy! I am so excited about ToeGrips and how they have helped Gib and just seeing his new confidence while walking on floors is just amazing!

  6. Wow! The toe grips really did help him! So great that this unique product can help so many dogs.

    1. Oh Abby, it's so amazing to see! Just thinking of the dogs this will help is so heartwarming!

  7. I'm going to check out how to measure these -- my senior dog doesn't have any fun inside anymore because of slipping, and socks fall off him. He does have weird back nails that curve around and would grow into his pads if not trimmed every month. Question: Did you wipe off any residue of the rubbing alcohol? My dog always has to check out with his tongue whatever I do to his feet...

    1. Hi Mary! I did not wipe off the excess, but it the rubbing alcohol does dry very quickly. It allows for putting them on easier...maybe after they are on, wiping them dry would work?