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Newsy Tuesday: That Beautiful Face! A Portrait of Love: Gibson by JM, the DrawingMom

A well-anticipated parcel arrived and I have been so excited to share it with you all! When the delivery man dropped it off, I ran up the stairs, tore off the wrappings, and was so moved by what greeted me, that I ran right out and purchased a frame. But I am getting ahead of myself. First...let me back up a bit (just like they do in movies)! Gibson's Portrait by JM, the DrawingMom While visiting one of our Blogger pal's great blog, Bailey Be Good , I was so thrilled to see a post where my boy Gibson's handsome face was staring back at me via a gorgeous, lifelike portrait created by Bailey and Nala's hu-mom, JM ! I absolutely love this portrait. I am so happy she chose Gibson as one of her subjects and I now have purchased it to have and hold forever! JM is a very talented artist who creates very lifelike works of animal art! Check out this video as she creates my still life of Gibson: "Woooo....that is me!" "Wolf, look at this beautiful dr