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In Memory of Bear-Bear

The late Bear-Bear Many have now heard the story of Bear-Bear, the three-year-old  Siberian Husky who was recently shot in a public dog park by a visitor who happened to be a federal police officer. Bear-Bear went into surgery, and as a result of the vast extent of the injuries inflicted by the bullet, the heart-wrenching decision was made to put Bear-Bear to sleep. It’s a sad and tragic tale that raises many, many questions even beyond the canine world. For an interview with Bear-Bear's owners, please check out the amazingly heartfelt blog story by Meeshka's World , and have the tissues handy. My focus here, though, will remain on the canine aspect. First, I am not here to bash law enforcement. I have the utmost respect for them and the jobs they do on a daily basis. This is not about dog owners versus the police. This is, however, a story that has no happy ending. We have to ask ourselves how can we prevent this from ever happening again? I do not personally use dog