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Running free with the spirit of the wind...

With the temperatures finally dipping below the triple "H" category…Hot, Humid, and Horrible…I was able to let the Sibes run free and wild in the backyard this afternoon. As any Sibe owner can attest to, watching them is truly a glorious site to behold. Okay, well, at first it’s crazy, wild, and on the side of mayhem as they pile down off the deck almost riding each other piggy-back style to get to the "other side." First I need to explain the "normal side." The Sibes own not only our deck, which has had a roof constructed over it just for them, but they also have their own yard to chase yard trespassers (a/k/a squirrels, birds, possums, groundhogs, etc.),  dig, gather tree branches, and, well, do their personal business. That’s their typical run. Then there is the "other side." Oh, yes, that is the fun play side of the yard where they can run like the wind, wrestle, fly, fetch, spin, and just be free-spirited Siberian Huskies. When it’s the c