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Healing Through Laser Therapy ~ And~ Our November #LiveGibStrong Epi-Tip #8

Here's Gibson's video of when he first began his K-LaserUSA treatments a little over four years ago, and has helped him tremendously over the years with bouts of weak hind end issues, torn CCL, and arthritis.   Today, Gibson has in-home K-Laser treatments as he was rehabbed most of the year for lameness after a fall. While it is day-by-day helping him gain more and more strength in his hind end and legs, with being in Epi-meds, it's a continuous rollercoaster of weak hind end, weak legs, treatment, healing, walking, and back to weakness again. Currently, the treatments have helped him to once again become mobile, without assistance, while reducing pain and inflammation. Since his weak hind issues are a chronic condition, I have him on a continuous treatment schedule to hopefully offset some of his weakness and keep him walking and pain free.   Issues K-Laser Treatments Can Help *: Rhinits, sinusitis Gingivitis, stomatitis and tooth extractions