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Heat Wave on a #FiveSibes Flashback Friday

Wow! This summer sure is one for the record books! After a short break from the heat, the past few days the temperatures rose as the humidity snuck back in at almost 100% giving us days with a heat index reaching a sweltering 105℉, which is unusually high here in the Hudson Valley. No one wanted to be outside, especially our snow-loving Huskies! They even have to be convinced to leave the cool air conditioned house when it was potty time, and then it was a quick trip out to do their business, a run through the pool (except for Chloe who hates water!), and then right back inside!  Today's Flashback photo above is from last summer when one day after the Sibes were back inside and I stayed out on the deck to freshen their pool water and hose down the area, I turned to see Bandit had opened the kitchen door to peer out at me as though she was worried about me staying out in the heat! I guess it is a role reversal when your dog thinks you need to come in from the heat instea