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Roh-oh! If UPS Strikes, Here's A Helpful Idea

    💡 HELPFUL IDEA 💡   In the words of a famous cartoon pup, "Roh-oh!" With the announcement that the UPS may go on strike at the end of July, a good idea is to place orders now for any dog food, medications (especially if you order them from a compounding pharmacy that ship meds), and dog items to be sure you have what you need should the strike happen and deliveries are delayed. Here's some news on the strike: .   Hopefully, they will come to an agreement, but in the meantime, it's a good idea to be proactive for your dogs if you need to order anything using the service.       Visit our Home Page and Don't Forget to Visit Our Other Pages, including Our #LiveGibStrong On-Line K-9 Epilepsy Resource Page. Just click on "More" Pages at top of blog.      

Chloe is Cuckoo for Coconut Oil on a #FlashbackFriday

Flashback Photo ~ Chloe ~ 2016  Starring in AmericanPet Magazine along with my article on the healthy benefits of coconut oil for dogs!   My FiveSibes all loved coconut oil, and it's so healthy for dogs and humans. Back in 2016, just when the benefits of coconut oil were being discussed, I interviewed acupuncturist, nutritional counselor, and wellness coach Carrie Andress of Andress Acupuncture in Kingston, NY for her expertise on the smooth oil for my article "Cuckoo for Coconut Oil: A Healthy Choice for Your Dogs" that was published in AmericanPet Magazine , along with several photos of my FiveSibes! Below's 2016 Flashback photo is Carrie with two of my FiveSibes, Chloe and Harley, who were thrilled to meet her!     The top Flashback photo of Chloe, as published in the magazine, is a fun one because as you know by now, Chloe was our resident foodie dog! That girl just loved food. And in this pic, you can see it in her bright blue eyes as she waited for her egg ome