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Run Free My Sweet Wolf, I'll Love You Forever 💙 And Thank You For Sending The Snow Signs

 My #FiveSibes are now forever reunited. If you follow me on social media, you know by now that my last of my beloved FiveSibes, Wolfgang "Wolf" or "Wolfie" has earned his silver harness.  This is a very difficult post to write. Not only was Wolfie my baby boy of the FiveSibes, but he was the last of my pack. "We" are now an I, "me," and turning the page to this new chapter in life is simply put, heartbreaking. To step back and realize that 16 years has passed since welcoming "Harley," our first Siberian Husky and the OG "alpha queen" of our future FiveSibes pack, is quite mind-blowing. Sixteen years has passed in what seems like a blink of an eye. The eyes that captured my heart. Wolfie was a gorgeous boy. He stole my heart as a puppy with his bright blue eyes and crazy Mozart white fur! He wrapped his little paws around my neck and quite literally clung to me. I imagine he wanted out from that horrible backyard breeder that