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Purple Day® 2019: Debuting New "Cooling Down An Epi-Dog: Where Do I Put The Cold Packs?" #LiveGibStrong #Paws4Purple Educational Poster to Help #Epidogs & Blog/Media Hop

Exciting News for Purple Day from FiveSibes! So many times over the years, parents and guardians of dogs with Canine Epilepsy have heard about placing cool packs on their dog to help with seizure care, especially since a dog's temperature can rise dangerously high during and after a seizure, and heat/overheating can also trigger seizures. The most popular question we hear is, "Where do I put the ice pack?!" Most times one will hear that the placement should be on the dog's "lower back" or between the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. But many times that may leave dog parents going " Where exactly is that?" This led me to develop an information flyer, reviewed by my own vet, based on what worked for my Gibson to share with others to help answer that question when a dog has a seizure of "Where do I put the cold packs?"   I'm SO excited to present this on Purple Day®... Wait for it...  Are you curious...?