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"Summer Fun" Photo Contest Update

"Woooo! When are the winners of the 'Summer Fun' Photo Contest going to be announced? There were all such great photos of our gorgeous furpals!"     Good question, Chloe! For you and all of our furpals, here's our latest "Summer Fun" Photo Contest Update: The judges' top pics were so many that they are now going into a second round of judging for the prize winners! They were all such wonderful photos! The placement is very close, like seriously thisclose ! We will post prize winners as soon as the judges are finished with the final selection round. :-) If you haven't seen the fun video, please be sure to check it out in our earlier post below, or click HERE . "But Mommmm...I am SO tired of waiting!  I hope they are posted soon! I can't wait to see who won!" Patience, dear Wolf, patience!  (But I'm very excited, too!)