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Paw Circle of Healing for Sweet Chloe

Chloe, sedated and crying with her new stuffie . We have had a traumatic event happen here yesterday...our sweet Chloe went to jump up on the bed on Sunday and suddenly started yelping out in pain. She dropped to the floor and could not move her hind legs and has been crying non-stop ever since. At 3AM we carried her into our emergency vet hospital, where they gave her two shots -  one for pain and one for inflammation. They then examined her and suspected hip displaysia. They allowed us to take her home (by now it was 4:30 and our vet opened up at 7) and we laid her on her bed and let the pain meds work until she cried herself to sleep. At 7AM, she woke up literally screaming. We brought her right in to our vet who suspected, not hip issues, but rather torn ACLs, and the X-rays confirmed she has bilateral tears in both legs and recommended an orthopedic surgeon. Chloe has an appointment this Wednesday at 10 AM. She is crying and it is heartbreaking. It's very hard to stay posit