Paw Circle of Healing for Sweet Chloe

Chloe, sedated and crying with her new stuffie.
We have had a traumatic event happen here yesterday...our sweet Chloe went to jump up on the bed on Sunday and suddenly started yelping out in pain. She dropped to the floor and could not move her hind legs and has been crying non-stop ever since. At 3AM we carried her into our emergency vet hospital, where they gave her two shots -  one for pain and one for inflammation. They then examined her and suspected hip displaysia. They allowed us to take her home (by now it was 4:30 and our vet opened up at 7) and we laid her on her bed and let the pain meds work until she cried herself to sleep. At 7AM, she woke up literally screaming. We brought her right in to our vet who suspected, not hip issues, but rather torn ACLs, and the X-rays confirmed she has bilateral tears in both legs and recommended an orthopedic surgeon. Chloe has an appointment this Wednesday at 10 AM. She is crying and it is heartbreaking. It's very hard to stay positive when she is crying so much and our heart breaks at her sweet little innocent face as her eyes plead for help. The light is that I've heard from a number of folks on the FiveSibes Facebook Page whose furbabies required this same surgery and said while it was very difficult in the beginning as we have to keep her very still (and away from the rest of the furfamily), it was worth it as their dogs recuperated and were back to being almost new within several months of the surgery, including running and jumping back up on the sofa. Such inspirational news to hear and we are hanging onto the until we see the orthopedic surgeon. She is not able to put weight on either hind foot, so we will find out what his recommendation is. It's a frightening time. The rest of our Sibes are howling to her often, with her howling back from my daughter's room. Our alpha queen, Harley, the surrogate mother of the pack, spent the night pacing and worrying.

The last thing that happened before she jumped up to meet her fate, was me putting some ointment on a rash she was being treated for and saying, "Up on the bed, Chloe!" so the ointment would dry and her momma, my daughter, could keep a close eye to be sure she didn't lick off the ointment. And Chloe, in her bright-eyed trusting manner, listened, only to experience the worse pain of her life, followed by all this trauma. I understand from the vet that this was in the making...that her rash could've been her biting at the joint from the growing pain. That this could be a genetic disorder. Still...I feel awful, as though she thinks I caused her pain. In the long run, if this was going to happen anyway, I am very glad I was right there and it wasn't while she was going up or down the stairs or while she was running in the yard with the others. Still...she looks up with her bright blue eyes pleading for help. I pray the orthopedic vet will have positive news for us.

Prayers and positive vibes are most welcome! I will be taking a break for a bit from blogging until after we see the ortho and get our girl through the surgery and back home to recover. I know it will be a long road, but she is young and we pray in a year from now this will just be a distant memory in her mind. Right now, she really needs us and my daughter really needs me. My heart breaks for her since she just lost her cat Smokie, and now her baby Chloe is in such distress.

Please join us in a pawcircle of healing for our "Cozy Girl."  Thank you for all your kindness and support. I look forward to returning back to Blogville at a later date and bearing good recovery news about our baby Chloe.


  1. I hope Chloe is feeling better soon. It sounds very traumatic. With field dogs there is always a chance of a torn ACL. Sometimes it is due to an injury and sometimes it is genetic and/or due to poor structure. Either way, the dogs I have known have recouped very nicely, though as you say it is tough at first, (and to have two at once must be really difficult). Please keep us posted.

  2. Oh poor sweet Chloe, we are sending our best purrs and prayes her way...non-stop.

  3. Be well soon, Chloe, positive thoughts and pawyers to you!

  4. Many many positive thoughts being sent to you!!! Oh, poor little Chloe, we are thinking and praying for you!

  5. So very, very sorry to hear this terrible news. Yes, the surgery is usually very successful but takes a lot of rest - tough on Mom and tough on Chloe. Mom says she isn't sure they will do both surgeries at the same time. Dakota tore her ACL right before we lost her. In a healthy dog recovery is very good. All paws crossed her for you and for Chloe - please do try to keep those of us not on Facebook updated about her progress.

    Hugs to all from us.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom

  6. We are all so very sorry to be hearing this news about Chloe. And it awful that you can't get her in to see the specialist until Wednesday. That poor baby. Is there any way you can beg and plead with them to see her sooner if they realize how much pain she's in? My heart goes out to her and to you guys. Don't blame yourself for this. If it was meant to happen, it would have happened anyway and maybe no one would of been there for her. Sending prayers and all the good vibes we can pull together.

  7. You know you have good thoughts from all of us at the Mango estate. Yes, apparently ACL's can be impaired and then just pop. Poor, sweet little thing. It must be almost unbearable to hear her crying. Wednesday seems impossibly far away. You are in our thoughts.

    Mango Momma

  8. Poor sweet Chloe. You know norwood is sending heeler vibes!
    Power of the paws!
    Love norwood

  9. I am praying so hard for her total healing. I can't imagine how hard this is for her and for you all as a family. Please pace yourselves as you probably have a lot of stress ahead. I am so sorry this has happened. Again, we are praying.


  10. Please do NOT blame yourself

    You did not cause it

    I am sure you will have friends share other friends that have experienced this and gone through the surgery/surgeries. It will be a challenge but you can do it! We already know Chloe can for she's a SIBE and they can do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!

    Paws already khrossed here!

  11. So sorry, poor baby girl.We are sending positive thoughts and prayers.

    The silvers and more

  12. Deew dawling Chloe
    Know that yoo awe suwwounded by a ciwcle of love and pwayews fow yoow speedy wecovewy. I'm so sowwy you awe in so much pain, but shoowe that the dogtow can make it go away and heal you so you can wun and laugh and play wif all yoow family again
    Sending you the Powew of the Paw and my healing smoochie kisses
    Love Asta
    pee ess pleez tell yoow Mom it's not hew fault, she did what any loving pawent would have done and didn't cause this tewwibull thing

  13. We are very sorry for Chloe and sending prayers for her! Peace to all, hu and furry.

  14. Poor Chloe!Our paws are crossed for a speedy recovery and comfort. Many BearHUGs, RosyPoodleKisses & MomHugs for Chloe.
    Love always,

  15. Dear Furends,
    These thingys DO happen. Nothing anybuddy could do to Prevent it. I am crossing my paws that the medicines will ease Chloe's Pain and that Wednesday will be TOTALLY SUCCESSFUL..
    here are some good strong Dachshund

    Keep us posted.

  16. We Beaglebratz r new here - Shiloh'n Shasta iz our namez. We wuz over at Mango'z blog an'read that little Chloe needed sum POTP so we thought we shood stop by here an'leeve sum prayerz an'let u know we haz our pawz crossed tu. Sendin'out sum Beagle AROOOOOOO's tu (healin'lite)
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  17. Oh Chloe, you brave girl. Our angel brother Gizmo tore his ACL guarding our yard. He shrieked when it happened, too. Our paws are crossed for you.

    Bart and ruby

  18. We are so sorry to hear about Chloe's injury/ Our Morgan tore her left ACL this morning. She tore the right one last fall so we can understand all the things you're going thru today.

    We have our fingers, toes and paws all crossed for your girl. Keep us posted as to how she's doing.
    Morgan and the Porties and Mom Sue

  19. Hi dear Chloe, I hope that you feel better now! keep on fighting chloe! we love you so much!

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  20. we are sending all our good vibes to you...we know how you feel since our Lily went through the surgury and pain. It is heartbreaking, you feel so helpless
    Benny & Lily

  21. So THAT'S why Sissy slung extra drool this evening. We're so very sorry!! Mugsy - my first JRT - tore one ACL in his old age, we were able to go the rest and recover route. We'll be crossing paws and slinging more drool for sweet Chloe (and Morgan and Samba and...)

  22. Oh no! What a terribly frightening thing! I am so incredibly saddened by sweet Chloe's accident. Please know I will be saying many prayers to St. Francis to protect and heal dear Chloe. It just breaks my heart that she is in so much pain, and I can only imagine the pain that puts you and your daughter in. Can they make the pain meds any stronger? Wednesday seems like forever away when you are in pain, the poor sweetie.

    Do not blame yourself, and I know Chloe doesn't. Dogs are smart and I am sure she understands this was something bound to occur. Thank goodness you were there and able to get her treatment asap.

    Suka sends love and tail wags and his paws are crossed for his beautiful friend Chloe. My thoughts and prayers go out to Chloe and your family. Take your time and help Chloe heal, and we will be looking for any updates when you have time.

    Good luck and Godspeed!

    K and Suka

  23. oh lord poor little thing :( so sorry to read this happened ... i will pray for her hope everything going to be alright

  24. Oh sweet Chloe! Please do NOT blame yourself. it was bound to happen! As painful as it is, at least it is something fixable. She'll be good as new. I just know it. I love hearing how your whole pack is so concerned. It warms my heart knowing she is so loved! We're sending her lots of sibe vibes from us annd lots of love for a quick recovery.
    Wild Dingo, Loki and Juno

  25. How awful for Chloe!!!! We wish you all the best for staying positive through this traumatic time. Poor baby!

    Rubie and her mum xxx

  26. Oh dear Chloe, we will keep our paws crossed tightly for you and our positive vibes are on your way.

    Our Mika went through a surgery for his FHO and he couldn't use one of his hind legs for months after that. However, through lots of hydro-therapy, massage and slow walking, he runs and jumps normally now.

  27. So sorry to hear about Chloe. Please don't blame yourself for what you didn't know. Like you said at least you were right there and could get her to the vet right away for help. I haven't heard of the type of surgery she may need, but I hope you find the answer for your sweet Chloe. We are sending our Sibe vibes to all your family and pray for a speedy recovery.

    Our hearts go out to all of you. <3

  28. Chloe is napping (I put on some lullaby music and it really seems to soothe her)...and I wanted to jot a quick not to say a huge "Thank You" to all of you - I sit here with tears in my eyes and am so proud of our Blogville family. You are the most wonderful, caring, and supportive group of people I know! Thank you for your prayers, concern, and postitive thoughts - I know Chloe feels them too! Tomorrow is our big day - a long trip and the visit with the ortho. I hope he will take her right away and that the prognosis will be good. I feel positive from a lot of what you all have been saying. Thank you so very much!

  29. Just an FYI. I am sure you already know @siberianforrest. He had both ACL. surgeries. He is recovering well. You might check in with his Mom Leslie Kerrigan

  30. Hey Sibes, Jet here.

    Our hearts skipped a beat as we read what happened to Chloe. We send you continuous Jetty kisses and JJ hugs and will ABSOLUTELY join your pawcircle of healing. We wish for the best possible outcome.

    When Miss Linda from Browndawgs read our post a few weeks ago and commented, saving JJ's life, we know how powerful the petblogging world can be. Make sure to take care of the humans too, so you all have energy to give your pack.

  31. My Minnie just had her first back leg repaired. It went well (we're a month out). Our doctor allowed her to remain isolated in the back of the house the first two weeks (she mostly slept) and the last two weeks have been anywhere in the house. Leash when she goes outside. When this one heals, she'll get the other done.

    Your baby will be fine after the operation. I know it's scary now, and we are glad that she has pain meds. We'll be praying for her!


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