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May the 4h Be With You: Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Force of Faith be with you! For Star Wars fans, today is a fun day of watching all the movie installments, playing a little trivia, and for some, even dressing up as their favorite character ("Chewbacca," anyone?) Want to join in a little intergalactic fun to give some words to this photo on a Wordless Wednesday? We're hosting one of our FiveSibes Merry Meme caption contests over on our FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page   to give this photo shared by Jeanette DaBaldo of her beautiful Siberian Husky, "Faith" taken at a charity event they attended. So, come on over and give us your best caption!  Captions are voted on by Facebook "likes" and then I turn this awesome photo into a meme poster, with the photographer's and caption winner's names, for all to share! (And, I feature them when we have one here on our Merry Meme Mondays!)  And may the Fourth be with you!