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Happy Birthday, Hu-Mom!

Shhhh....Gibson of the FiveSibes here...Harley, Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit are with me as went onto Hu-mom's laptop to bring you this post because it's a special day today - her birthday! Wooo! We had a fun day with Hu-dad BBQing some steaks (we all got to share one in our dinner, nomm-nommmms!) And then Hu-mom was given a very special Husky Birthday cake...this year it was a picture of me on the cake! Woooo! Our Hu-sister picked out the photo and  helped Hu-dad choose the cake! We love our Hu-mom because she's our very best friend and loves us so much!  Here's a little wrap-up of the day:     Woo! It's me with Hu-mom's special Birthday cake!     The bakery did a nice job! It looks just like me!   It looks too pretty to eat...but I hope we will!   Woo! Hu-mom gave me a little tiny taste! Yum! Wooooo...time to sing "Happy Birthday" to our Hu-mom... all together now... Wooo! Thanks for joining us!