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What the Heck Happened to Chloe? Beware of Winter Allergies!

It started off like any other evening. Our Huskies went out for about an hour for a little yard fun and chilling on their deck beds before dinner. just like they do every day. Or so I thought. As they were coming back inside, I was startled to notice sweet Chloe's left eye was red and swollen shut (below photo on left).  First the left eye...then the nose and right eye... What the heck? Within 15 minutes, the swelling spread across her nose and into her right eye, too. Talk about getting worried. The other three Sibes were just fine. So, what happened to Chloe?  Chloe with her uber-swollen squishy face and muzzle. With an antihistamine in her, we did a search of the yard, deck, her sign of anything out the norm. Her food, supplements, and treats all the same brands as usual. Then her face got really squishy, and her muzzle really swelled. More antihistamine. Then her original swollen eye got better, and her good eye was swollen shut! As well as h