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Epi-Star Angels: White Dog Army's QUINN & Hu-Mom, Susan Sehi-Smith

   The Mighty "Quinn" of the White Dog Army & his Hu-Mom, Susan Sehi-Smith     by Dorothy Wills-Raftery     As part of National Epilepsy Awareness Month , I am highlighting some truly amazing Epi-Stars all month long. This post was going to be about a special little white dog named The Mighty "Quinn," however, after I just sadly learned last night of the passing of Quinn's hu-mom, Susan Sehi-Smith, an incredible human, a fellow blogger, friend, dog-parent, and tireless advocate for both animals and people, I've decided that this Epi-Star is for both Quinn and Sue.   With this being Election Day, and it's Epilepsy Awareness Month, and a lunar eclipse, I thought about the timing of Sue's sudden passing. It's as though the universe was preparing for their newest angel. And, tonight, while I was watching The Canine Epilepsy Summi t finale on Zoom by VetVine and the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, I couldn't