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A Cry for Gordon: The Story of a Husky Saved

Posted photo of Gordon as he waited to die. The holiday season is a time of miracles. Before Thanksgiving, in early November, writer JeromieWilliams with the headlined a story that highlighted “Pet Pardons of the Day,” a story about an abused Siberian Husky whose silent plea for help was voiced by many and heard around the world. In an excerpt from the article, “T he Pet Pardons organization released an urgent dog bulletin Wednesday asking the public for their help in finding a home for a five-year-old male Siberian Husky named Gordon who survived extreme abuse by his previous owner and dies tomorrow unless saved from Chicago Animal Care and Control.” The story tells of how Gordon suffered from “a fractured jaw, a broken canine tooth and a painful inflammation of the gumline that were parting gifts from the owners that abused him and dumped him in a shelter to die.” Gordon sat on death row, unloved and broken, just waiting for someone to come help him. Sad