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He Had Me at "Woo" on Flashback Friday!

Today, my trip down Memory Lane is of my wooly boy, Gibson. Flashing back to April of 2006, when my sweet baby boy was just an adorable, already sweet, four month old puppy, and the second Siberian Husky to join our family! As soon as I saw him and picked him up, I couldn't put him down, and he didn't want me to! He had such captivating, soulful eyes, and I only had eyes for him! We snuggled and slept together on my recliner, with him on my lap (at four months he was already a good size and took up the length of me!) for the whole night. I was SO in love with this boy, a special love that has captured my heart for eternity. It was love at fluffy, wooly first sight! When I saw him come bounding out, doing a puppy version of what was to become his famous Gibbie Hip-Hop dance, I knew my Husky had just chosen me! He was so happy, something he would be always be throughout his too-short life...a very happy Husky! I honestly believe he was born that way! That day when we first me