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Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy Howlidays

  Wolfie and Santa wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and Merry Christmas! Although this year has been so very different for so many, and us with the unexpected loss of our girl Bandit, we are sending all good wishes and positive vibes out into the world for a happy and healthy holiday season and look forward to welcoming in 2021 with hopes of a healthier happier world for all.    Christmas Eve Christmas Eve saw Wolfie waiting for Santa to come fill his stocking that was hung by the chimney with care!   Snow for a Snow Dog! We were lucky we had lots of snow this year! Wolfie was out looking for Santa Paws' reindeer tracks!   A Fond FiveSibes Flashback to Santa's Visit!  What a fun day this was and now a cherished memory!     Dear Readers: We'll be back from our blogging break in the New Year. Wolfie and I needed time to mourn the loss of his sister Bandit and adjust to yet another new "normal" in these very unnormal times.  I look forward to sharing #FlashbackFrid

Winter Solstice 2020: Remembering Our Beloved Four #FiveSibes

  Fondly missing and remembering our beautiful Gibson, Harley, Chloe, and Bandit. Forever in our hearts. A candle is lit for our beloved Harley, Gibson, Chloe, and Bandit, as well as all Siberian Huskies who have journeyed north of the Rainbow Bridge. Back to FiveSibes Blog Home Page Visit our FiveSibes Website!    Visit our FiveSibes Facebook Page!

Gibson's 5th Rainbow Bridge Anniversary

Five how surreal time is...five years ago today my beautiful heart dog, Gibson, earned his wings. He was my spirit guide, my soul dog. He just understood and knew things. He never let Canine Epilepsy keep him down or dull his zest for life. In the end, he beat the seizure monster for seven years! He was truly an inspirational dog, and I miss him every single day. Gibson was a very special canine and I was so lucky he was mine! I know he is with his true love, Harley, and younger siblings Chloe and Bandit, having fun zoomies together in those forever snowy fields, north of the Rainbow Bridge. He will be sending me and little bro Wolfie some snow (maybe a lot!) later today on his Rainbow Bridge date. Love you and miss you, Gibbie, my big fluffy boy, forever and always. #LiveGibStrongForever , my sweet, silly, beautiful G.  Back to FiveSibes Blog Home Page Visit our FiveSibes Website!    Visit our FiveSibes Facebook Page!

Bandit's Gift of Snow

Wolfie received a surprise today...a sign from his sister, Bandit--snow!   "Snow!" enjoys Wolfie. One week ago tomorrow, our dear Bandit girl made her journey to the snowy fields north of the Rainbow Bridge, a place where Siberian Huskies go to find their family and friends in the forever snow. Bandit loved the snow, as most "snow dogs" do. Huskies were born for snow. Whenever it snows, it is truly natures gift to the Siberian Husky and many of their dog friends.     In Bandit's memorial post , I mentioned that our girl was strong, tough, and resilient, and like a Husky, was easily distracted by passing birds, fluttering butterflies, buzzing bees, squirrels, opossums, cats, and other dogs. This distraction, I noted, would most likely delay her arrival at the Rainbow Bridge, where our dearly departed Harley, her big brother Gibson, and her pupster sister Chloe would all be waiting for her.      How I picture my four furangels reuniting in those snowy Rainbow Br

Goodbye To Our #FiveSibes Beautiful Bandit ~ Love You Always, Sweet Bee

I certainly did not expect to be writing this at this point in time...a heartbreaking memorial for our beautiful girl, Bandit. We've been enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather in our new house in a new town that has been filled with engaging walks with Bandit and brother Wolfie filled with exciting exploration of the surrounding nature's beauty, new neighbors, and new doggie friends. Both Bandit and Wolf adjusted so well.  A recent portrait I love of Bandit and Wolfie in our backyard my daughter took.   Buddies...Bandit & my grandson!   Today, a glorious Autumn day filled with falling leaves and a crispness to the air, Bandit and Wolf were watching my toddler grandson--the pupsters' very best and favorite human--play with his trains out on the deck. But our day suddenly took a fast and heartbreaking turn before the sun set. Our sweet Bee (one of our many nicknames for our girl, Bandit!), who along with her brother Wolf, would be turning 13 this January so while our Pup

Peep-A-Boo, Leaves, on a Flashback Friday!

  Flashback ~ Bandit ~ Autumn 2017   Our Bandit is the silly dog of our pack! Always one to dig out fun, whether it is a pile of leaves or a pile of snow! She is always down for a good laugh! This Flashback photo was taken several years ago when I was calling the dogs in, and I could not find her! Suddenly, I heard the crunch crinkle of leaves and saw her down in our yard tunneling through the leaves from our maple tree! Our silly girl, Bandit! AUTUMN WOODS by James S. Tippett I like the woods In autumn When dry leaves hide the ground, When the trees are bare And the wind sweeps by With a lonesome rushing sound. I can rustle the leaves In autumn And I can make a bed In the thick dry leaves That have fallen From the bare trees Overhead.     You're Invited!   Come join us each week and share your Memory Lane pics from yesteryear or yesterday. Simply grab our badge, be sure to link to us, join the linky list below so others can come and visit your blog, and join in