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Flashback Friday #33: Circle of Love: Celebrating Life

  The Pupsters' Circle of Love   Today is Flashback Friday here at the FiveSibes homestead and a good time to reflect upon puppies, new life, and happiness, to celebrate life. This is our darling Pupsters - littermates Chloe, Bandit, and Wolf - at just two months! They have been best friends, The Three Muskateers , since the start, and they still love to strike this pose and kiss each other! It's been a wonderful treat to watch these babies grow up together, interact, and play...they have a wonderful relationship, and it just warms my heart to know they have had each other since birth! Our silly, loving, loveable Pupsters!   * * * * * * * * In celebration of life, today's blog is dedicated to our fellow Epi-furpal, The Mighty Quinn of the White Dog Army , who just lost his fight with Canine Epilepsy, but never lost his might. Run free, beautiful boy. You will be missed by those who loved you and you will always be remembered. We join your family in celebra