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Shave a Husky? Don't Do it!

Pin me! When the warmer weather arrives, I hear so many folks talking about shaving their Siberian Huskies . When I hear this, I want to hold up that big red STOP sign, and say, "Please, Don't !"  While you may be hot looking at a Siberian Husky with all its fur - especially a wooly - but trust me, it does not bother him or her!   Unless specifically for medical reasons (as recommend by your vet), it is never a good idea to shave a Husky. Last summer, after having a conversation with my groomer about shaving Huskies, a double-coated breed of dog, I realized just how popular this idea is with folks, groomers included. I have also had readers send me photos of their dogs that had been shaved ~ without their permission ~ and concerned about the regrowth of their hair. It seems when the thermometer rises, people are tempted to shave their Husky (or northern-breed dog) .  L ast s pring , after Gibson was finished being groomed, I did a photoshoot with him an