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Friday, May 20, 2016

Shave a Husky? Don't Do it!

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When the warmer weather arrives, I hear so many folks talking about shaving their Siberian Huskies. When I hear this, I want to hold up that big red STOP sign, and say, "Please, Don't!" 

While you may be hot looking at a Husky with all its fur - especially a wooly - but trust me, it does not bother him or her! Unless specifically for medical reasons (as recommend by your vet), it is never a good idea to shave a Husky. Last summer, after having a conversation with my groomer about shaving Huskies, a double-coated breed of dog, I realized just how popular this idea is with folks, groomers included. I have also had readers send me photos of their dogs that had been shaved ~ without their permission ~ and concerned about the regrowth of their hair. It seems when the thermometer rises, people are tempted to shave their Husky (or northern-breed dog) Last spring, after Gibson was finished being groomed, I did a photoshoot with him and have now put together the top graphic about why Huskies should never be shaved. It is my hope to help educate others, including first-time and potential Sibe parents, as well as groomers, unfamiliar with the breed, to help stop this all-too-frequent seasonal ritual from occurring! While a Siberian Husky should never be shaved (other than for a medical reason), it is important for your Husky's health to always keep him/her well-groomed and brushed.

Why Shouldn't I Shave My Husky?

*Their double coats serve as insulation from both 
cold AND heat.

*Exposed skin is susceptible to skin allergies, sunburn, and skin cancer.

*A shaved body can more easily allow for bug and 
parasite infestation.

*Shaving the fur can corrupt proper growth.

How Can I Keep My Sibe Cool?

Gib loves the portable spray bottle with mini fan!

*NOT by shaving!

*Keeping your Husky well groomed.

*Turn on A/Cs or fans!

*Put on a cooling collar!

*Buy a cooler water bed! Therapeutic & cool! 

*Swimming, splashing in kiddie pools, and running through sprinklers and chase away the heat!  

*A portable sprayer bottle with a fan is pretty cool!

*Wearing a bandana dipped in cool water is very refreshing!

*Apply cool water to paw pads!

*Go outside in early AM or late PM to beat the heat!

*Walk in shady spots, and beware of hot blacktop & sand!

*Always have fresh, cool drinking water available!

*Never, EVER leave them in a warm car!

 Flashing back several summers to when all FiveSibes enjoyed some splashing in their pools!

So, go ahead and enjoy the warmer weather and let your Siberian Huskies have fun staying cool  
without shaving them!

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  1. Yeah... as a rule, I don't agree with shaving double-coated breeds. Mr. N has hair and a single coat so he gets a ton of haircuts!

  2. Very interesting. I've never seen a shaved husky, and I guess that's a good thing!

  3. People shave corgis too, which they really should not do since they too have a double coat.

  4. Good info for people with double coated dogs. Love the pool picture.

  5. Oh my dawg why do people do stuff like that
    Lily & Edward

  6. I agree with you! I could never imagine wanting to shave a beautiful husky! I have had a husky before and now have shepherds and while I tease them about losing all the hair, this is not something I would even consider.

  7. Great post! I'm always surprised that more people don't know that you are not supposed to shave double coated dogs.

  8. We've never seen a shaved husky before (and hope we never do). We've heard that their coats act as insulatation from both heat and cold.

  9. You are so right! We get so many comments on how we should be more comfortable shaved, and we (our mom really) tries to educate folks!

  10. I dont believe in shaving but with Layla with all her allergies I am keeping it shorter than normal at this moment

  11. It makes sense not to shave a Husky. I've often wondered about people shaving Persian cats for the same reason.

  12. I haven't seen any Siberian Huskies shaved thankfully in our neighborhood - I cannot imagine! Great tips as many dogs shaved and exposed to the elements in this way could also be impacted.

  13. Thanks for pet parading with us. Living in Louisiana I see too many breeds shaved that aren't meant to be "naked." Thanks for sharing this information.

  14. Such a great post! We actually purchased a 'cooling pad' for the hot weather - we cruise around, all full length fur and all, and when we need a break, we hang out on our cooling pads! Great tips - and yup a kiddy pool is pawesome instant cooling!

  15. You're right, I've seen a lot of dogs that have been shaved and many are double coated breeds that have natural insulation. Thanks for sharing! I hope this helps to inform folks before they make the decision to shave their huskies!

  16. I learned a lot and have always wondered about huskies and the heat. Glad to know that their fur helps keep them cool as well.

  17. I hope you will pardon my ignorance as I don't know a lot about this a breed-specific kind of thing or should other breeds of dogs also not be shaved?

    Thanks for educating dog owners about this and for providing them with great tips for keeping their babies cool in the summertime!

    1. Hi Fur, Everywhere...this is specific to northern breed dogs, such as Huskies, who are double-coated, and should not be shaved unless for a medical reason. Unfortunately, for folks who are unaware that this is a no-no for this breed, there are Huskies who wind up getting shaved because the fur makes humans feel hot! Also, not all groomers are educated on the reasons a Husky should not be shaved. As for other breeds, when in doubt, I would recommend checking with your vet or breed organization for recommendations. Hope that helps!

  18. I wish more people knew this. We don't have double coats but we've learned from friends like you. Just the other day I shared the 'Why's' with a coworker who had no idea why she shouldn't shave her double coated dog.

  19. Seems wrong to shave a husky and have never seen it but I guess some people just don't know. Great you are sharing the message

  20. kGreat post! Unfortunately humans are not so bright sometimes.

  21. Thank you SO much for writing this! People are always asking me why I don't shave my Husky. They find it hard to wrap their heads around the fact that their thick double undercoat protects against both heat AND cold. Another way to keep them cool is to use a cooling mat.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  22. I hope a LOT of people read this! It's a great reminder. It's one of the worst things you can do to a Sibe! Our great brother Zimmie had been partly shaven when Mom and Dad adopted him. It was S-A-D.

  23. Such important information. Thank you for sharing the reasons NOT to shave a Husky. Very enlightening!

  24. Yes! UGH! I cannot stress this enough to people!

  25. Omg! I would never. The Sib coat is sooo pretty!

  26. My dog is a husky mix, but she definitely has the husky coat. I took her to a new groomer yesterday (the groomer I have gone to for years was closed for a few days). I was heartbroken when I picked her up to see that they'd shaved her down. I have taken her to a few different places in her life and NEVER has anyone just shaved her down. It seems to me that they just don't know dog breeds and just give every dog the same cut (that "lion mane" cut where everything but the head and tail are shaven). I was horrified and am concerned that it's ruined her fur for good. Needless to say I will never go back, but will her hair grow back normally? Are there things that I should be concerned about now that it's already been done? Sun burn, etc? I'm so sad. I miss her old coat, and fall just started and winter is right around the corner :(

    1. I am so sorry to hear this! The fur will grow back, however, it may grow back different. It may take some time to grow in also. It may seem coarser or rougher than before...with my own Gibson, he had to have areas shaved for medical reasons and it never quite grew in the same, and the tail never came back right. He had a beautiful waterfall tail, and after it was shaved, it was coarse, stringy, and lost it's silkiness and fullness. :-( The things to be careful of while shaven would be yes, sunburn. Also parasites, allergies, and they can overheat very quickly. You may also want to speak with your vet about application of topical flea/tick treatments to be sure there won't be a reaction now that there is no fur. Hopefully, with the cooler season coming, the fur will grown in quicker, but even with the cold, you may want to think about a putting a coat on her when outside to be sure she does not get frostbite, and you do not want her to be too exposed to the cold elements either. You may wish to inform the groomer as well that this is not something that should be done on a Husky, or northern breed dog so they do not do it again. If the dog had matted fur, they should of spoken to you first before proceeding. Good luck, and please keep me posted on how she' doing.