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Love Is Sharing A Chair With A #SiberianHusky Lap Dog!

 Flashback Photo ~ FiveSibes "Bandit" ~ 2017   So, there I was, watching some TV while my four FiveSibes Harley, and pupsters Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit were snoozing on their beds around me in the living room. When suddenly, "oompf!" I had a 55-pound Bandit up on my lap making herself right at home! Now Bandit was not into big displays of affection, and she is the one who could drive a human nuts at times, but when she wanted some lovin' she made it clear! She would roll on her back and just enjoy belly rubs. So when she wanted lovin', I was all too happy to reciprocate. Besides, she really didn't give me a choice, like, how do you barter with a Husky?! They usually won. I mean, who could resist those blue eyes?  (It's a Husky things, trust me.) I loved it when she would decide to join me on a chair! But, truth be told, I really think she thought of my chair as hers and decided not to wait for me to vacate it! She did this quite I guess she