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Entertaining Bored Huskies During the Heat Wave!

It hit 102 degrees today on our thermometer, 115 with the heat index! Many people across the northeastern central portion of the country are experiencing this horrendous heatwave. What's a Sibe to do? Our five hesitantly go outside to quickly take care of business, and then retreat back inside to their favorite spots in the air conditioned house, where they hardly budge. The pups get a little restless and entertain themselves briefly with their toy bin, then back to snoozing. Here's a few scenes, that I'm sure is pretty familiar to pet owners across this week's heat belt: Bandit's favorite spot on the nook booth (and Chloe under it!) The married couple Harley and Gibson prefer the floor under the fan. Whaatttt???? Another day of this hot weather???? Wolf bored and upset at the hot weather. He's having snow dreams. Hu-Mom to the Rescue: Indoor Toy Bin Time!!! Enough of the toy ice cream, bring on the real stuff! Until next time...stay