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When Santa Paws Came to Visit Our FiveSibes Huskies!

   Santa Paws sure did come to town, and our house!   This will always be one of the most fun and special Christmas moments with my FiveSibes. Santa came to visit them at our home! "Santa" was amazing, and they all loved the visit so much! You can see how they took turns giving Santa their, maybe they knew who Santa was, or they were just very excited to meet the jolly elf in person, but it was a wonderful time and I'm forever grateful to Santa (a/k/a Kat from their veterinarian hospital) and this will forever be one of the holiday season highlights for me!            💚 Memories Are Visits For the Heart 💚             Back to our Home Page and Our Other Pages, including Our About the Breed Page and Our #LiveGibStrong On-Line K-9 Epilepsy Resource Page, ArcticHouse Books & Gifts Shoppe & so much more!  Just click on "More" Pages at top of blog .