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Wolf's Surprise Get Well Package

"Woooo...a packaged for me???!!" Nothing brings a smile to a Husky's face (other than snow) than a box of treats and toys! As you know, my boy Wolf blew out his CCL last month and had to undergo cruciate imbrication surgery. He is definitely on the mend, and his incision has healed nicely, and a soft coating of white fuzz is now covering his surgery shaved leg. He is starting to put some weight on it and we just received the green light from the surgeon to allow him to walk for five minutes when he goes out on his potty breaks now! He is still on strict bed rest inside and on leash walks only, but we are on our way to healing. We are half way three weeks, we do a follow-up and find out how he is progressing.  We have received many wonderful Emails, comments, notes, prayers, power of the paw vibes, and cards... and so appreciate each and every one of them. Today, we want to say "thanks" for a very special care package from Holly and the Huskies