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Be the Change for Animals: Volunteers in Action "Operation Roger" Truckers Pet Transport

Beep-Beep! "Need a ride?" Our Harley at the wheel! Today is Be the Change for Animals "Blog the Change" day. And, in honor of their "National Volunteer Month" and the BtC theme of "Celebrating People in Action," I'd like to give a big honk to the Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport ! This is an amazing group of about 20 to 30 truck drivers who love pets and offer "v olunteer transportation and housing for abused and neglected animals, military pets, and pets that need relocation due to family difficulty."  Ac cording to their website, "volunteer to help needy pets get to their new homes and have a better chance at a fun-filled life by giving them a hitchhike in their cabs and a lot of TLC enroute." These caring truck drivers help dogs, cats, and bunnies in need across the country safely reach their destinations. Now in its eighth year, Operation Roger has helped transport 694 pets (and counting) across th