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Pet Appreciation Week

Do you appreciate your dog? June 7 through 13 is celebrated as Pet Appreciation Week. Thinking about this, I sat back and asked myself, “Do my Sibes feel appreciated?” We all believe we love and appreciate our beloved furry members of our family. We give them food, shelter, kisses, hugs, and in some case, lots and lots of toys. But do they feel appreciated? In the canine world, appreciation really means love, and it pretty much comes in very simple terms. A warm place to sleep, fresh food to eat, cool water to drink, a pat on the back, and (always) a treat. They don’t really care if their cloth coat is a designer brand, if their collars have sparkling bling, if their bed is fancy, or if they have the newest toys. They would be just as happing chewing up a paper towel roll as they would the most popular dog toy. They would be content sleeping in a bed of hay, or in their kennel/crate or at the foot of our beds. They would enjoy getting brushed by our children as much as they would by