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Thanksgiving Installment of the Regressive Dinner for Pets Event on a Tasty Tuesday!

Chloe's always ready to eat! Can you smell that???!!! It's the aroma of turkey, and stuffing, and pumpkin pie! Thanksgiving is almost here and today is "Tasty Tuesday" by Kol's Notes and Sugar, the Golden Retriever , AND it's also the second installment of the Two Little Cavalier's Regressive Dinner Pet Event blog hop, which this time covers the scrumptious "Main Course" category! is a double-dose of yumminess; I'm getting hungry just thinking about it all! For our dish, we'd like to share yet another recipe from our Canine Cooking Corner recipe video series, called "Turkey Mish-Mash" and the FiveSibes™ were on hand to do a little quality control and some taste testing along the way! With Thanksgiving being this Thursday, this recipe is perfect as it uses roasted turkey (or chicken) and pumpkin puree, and it's already been 100% Sibe tested and approved! So save some of those leftover from Turkey Day and