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Puppy Kisses on a Flashback Friday!

Who doesn't love puppy breath and puppy kisses?! For today's stroll down Memory Lane, here is a precious flashback to my daughter when she was just a little girl getting sweet kisses from our local SPCA rescue pup, a beautiful German Shepherd/Akita "Chelsey." These two would grow up together and be best friends for life. Chelsey would always watch over and protect my daughter. And when she grew older, her choice play to nap was on my daughter's laundry pile in front of her window in the sun spot! Flash-forward 13 years, and here's a very grown-up Chelsey getting sweet puppy kisses from our Harley! Chelsey taught baby Harley everything she knew! And to this day, Harley has a few habits that we know she learned directly from her furry teacher! Awwww...puppy there anything sweeter?! Happy Flashback Friday! And joining us again this week is our new co-host, those beautiful Sibes and their mom from Love is Being Owned by a Hus