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Uniting Dogs Across the World for Canine Epilepsy Awareness

Gibson - diagnosed with Canine Epilepsy in 2009 N ovember is national Epilepsy Awareness Month and a good time as any to talk about a cause very close to my heart - Canine Epilepsy. As many of you know, my five-year-old wooly Siberian Husky boy, Gibson, is an "Epi-dog" who was diagnosed in 2009 after being hospitalized for a cluster of Grand Mal seizures. I shudder when thinking back to those earlier days. It was a very scary time for me. Last November, I chose to share my personal journal notes with readers in a blog entry titled One Husky's Journey with Epilepsy to Highlight November's Epilepsy Awareness Month as I traveled with my boy through some new and very rough waters called Canine Epilepsy. If you are interested in reading those entries, which are raw and in-the-moment writings, please feel free.  I t still brings tears to my eye recalling that very first seizure episode he had in January of 2009. As you will read, I had discovered him motionless post-se