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Flashback Friday #2! A Blog Hop!

❤ Puppy Gibson  ❤ We love Fridays! And now even more so! Last Friday, I shared the story of how while flipping through some photos of my furkids when I came across some of when they were babies. What a treasure! I immediately strolled down Memory Lane with my daughter reminiscing about the many adorable, crazy things they use to all do as puppies! Oh, that stage sure does go by all too quickly! So, in honor of puppyhood, I've decided - with great cheers from many of you - to do a Flashback Friday series, featuring puppy pics of the Sibe kids. Please join in! Grab the button, stick it on your blog along with a photo of your furkid(s) and let's all have fun strolling down Memory Lane together! I'm hoping this will be a Blog Hop, so be sure to link up to that as well! Here's two pics for this week - the top one is of my wooly boy, Gibson, on his first day home at age four months! He was such a cute furball. That night, he slept on my lap (he was already a big boy at