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It's All in the Name: Personalized Treats on a #FlashbackFriday!

Bandit thinks giving paw will earn her an extra treat! Did you ever notice the excitement in your dog's eyes when open the treat jar or bag?! Of course you do! Right?! There is no simpler way to get all my Siberian Huskies (back when we had five, and with our current three) attention than when I have treats! (Okay, maybe their attention might be diverted if a squirrel, possum, bird, or any other small animal dared to cross "their" yard. If you have Huskies, you know what I mean)! But, on a typical day, treats are their favorite...well, treat! In this Flashback Friday photo, we are only stepping back a month or two when their Sassy's Goodies arrived in the mail. A special surprise was when there were some personalized biscuits in the delivery, too! We know how intelligent Sibes are, so naturally they went right to the treat with their name on it! 😉 BOL! Bon(e) Appetit! PS - our friend Nanette Willis at Sassy's Goodies has been nominated as a Busin