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An Autumn slideshow featuring the FiveSibes (with a cameo appearance by Smokie the cat!)

The cooler weather has finally arrived in our area and we have five very happy Huskies (and a cat)! The friskiness, running, and howling is on the rise as the temperatures dip, and I do see wide Sibe smiles on those beautiful furry faces! To celebrate the crisper air, the changing colors of the leaves, and the arrival of all things Autumn, I am posting a slideshow featuring our FiveSibes (and Smokie the cat in a cameo role) in all of their happy, cool-air glory that I hope you will enjoy! So grab a sweatshirt, call your furbuddy, and let's all go for a walk to kick up our heels (and a few leaves) now that Sibe season has finally arrived!