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Goodbye Sweet Chloe ~ Love You, CoCo Puff

  "Chloe" Van Wylde of Mystic Mountain Today was not at all what we expected. While the day dawned a beautiful, sunny, breezy Saturday...just one phone call catapulted our morning into a morning of mourning, filled with shock and sadness as we helped our sweet Chloe earn her furangel wings and journey North of the Rainbow Bridge to join her older brother, Gibson. Puppy Chloe and her momma, my Daughter. To say losing Chloe to sudden acute liver failure was a total shock. Her April vet check went well for an 11.5 year old pup with arthritis. While Chloe's legs had arthritis issues that have been steadily worsening to the point she was on medication, she was still a healthy, always happy girl.  Her leg issues stem back to when she was just four and during a leap up onto my daughter's bed, she blew out both of her legs, requiring her to go in for emergency double imbrication surgeries. So thankful at the time when she actually walked out of the vet (althoug

#WaitingWednesday Spotlight: Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue (NLSDR)

Welcome back to our weekly #WaitingWednesday Blog Hop where we highlight rescues and feature some of their adoptable dogs and dogs waiting for a foster home! While we here at FiveSibes, focus on Siberian Huskies and northern breeds, the Blog Hop is open to ALL breeds and species, so I hope you will join in and highlight some rescues near and dear to your heart and hop along with us! This week, our featured rescue is Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue (NLSDR). Organization Contact Info: Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue (NLSDR) (No physical facility) Email Adoption Coordinator: Website: Photo Website: Facebook Page: Based out of Indianopolis, Indiana since 2004, NSDR's mission is, " to advocate for and/or rescue stray, abandoned, displaced, or abused dogs. In particular we focus on northern breed dogs facing euthanasia in the Mid

Huskies Cookie Time on a Flashback Friday!

The Focus...   The Concentration...  But, ohhhhh....a double steal of Chloe's cookies by Harley and Bandit! Well played, girls! In the Huskies game of snooze, you lose! (No worries, Chloe did get her cookies, and Wolf passed on the treats. Silly boy.) Our fun and tasty flashback from summer of 2017! "One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats."  ~Irish Murdoch You're Invited to Join Us!    Share your fave pics from Memory Lane from yesteryear or yesterday, grab our badge, link to us, and join in our weekly Flashback Friday Blog Hop!  Hop link is open all week !   Back to FiveSibes Blog Home Page

#WaitingWednesday Spotlight: Husky House Siberian Husky & Fellow K9 Rescue

  Woo! So very excited to be launching our new #WaitingWednesday Blog Hop ~ it's a weekly post of highlighting rescues and some of their adoptables! Here at FiveSibes, we focus on Siberian Huskies and northern breeds, but the Blog Hop is open to ALL breeds and species!  I'm going to jump right in with our first featured rescue, Husky House Siberian Husky & Fellow K-9 Rescue ,  but please be sure to read below to get all the exciting deets on what this Blog Hop is all about! Organization Contact Info: Husky House 391 Rt 34 Matawan, NJ 07747 Email: Website: Located in New Jersey, Husky House "is committed to the rescue, shelter, care and adoption of stray, abandoned and unwanted animals in the Tri-State area. We are also dedicated to furthering the public's education concerning the issues of proper pet care and the importance of spaying and neutering all dogs and cats alike. Husky House is a non-prof