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Wolf is Home from Surgery!

Wolf is home! He is still groggy and is sleeping soundly next to me right now with his leg all bandaged up nicely. The growth was a very strange one. After he was shaved, it turned out there was another good size lump under the skin that was developing that we didn't even know about as it couldn't be seen or felt under all the fur. Good news is, our vet was able to remove the cluster and the secondary lump and some surrounding skin in its entirety as opposed to cauterizing them and risking possible regrowth. The original fear was since it was on the elbow, there wasn't much give room, but my vet was able to stitch up the wound nicely and he will stay bandaged until this Saturday when I bring him back for a follow-up. Since he's been home, he's been dozing on and off, a little whimpering, and a little tipsy. He is drinking lots of water (with a few little upchucks), but doesn't have an appetite yet, but all in good time. Warning: Unpleasant Photos This is

Today is Wolf's Surgery Day

"I'm ready to go to the hospital, Mom." Today my boy Wolf went in for surgery. I just came back a short while ago from dropping him off at the vet's. Watching him as he sauntered down the hallway toward the pre-surgery area, my heart swelled with pride for my baby boy. Wolf, although he along with his two siblings Chloe and Bandit, turned four in January, he is the baby of the bunch. So I know he was being strong and brave as he headed down the hallway. As he crossed through the door and out of sight, the tears flowed and I had to jet out of there and take a few moments to have a good cry in car. I know he is in excellent hands. I know he is safe. We have a wonderful veterinarian team and hospital. I always say that if I ever relocate, I'll have to figure out a way to move the hospital and all of the staff in it!  Still...I will worry, worry, worry all day about my boy, about how his surgery is going, if they can remove them all, what the biopsy results w