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#LiveGibStrong #Paws4Purple Feature: Help! My Dog Had a Seizure! Is it Canine Epilepsy?

  #Paws4Purple is a Canine Epilepsy informational program created by Purple Day® Ambassador and award-winning author Dorothy Wills-Raftery of FiveSibes™ #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness & Education site and hosted by The Anita Kaufmann Foundation, the nonprofit sponsor of Purple Day and Purple Day Every Day for Epilepsy     📌 Open Enrollment Call  for Dogs with Epilepsy for Studies & Clinical Trials further down in this post. T he words “seizures” and “Canine Epilepsy” can certainly drum up a lot of fear for caregivers of dogs who suddenly find themselves faced with a situation where their beloved dog appears to suddenly have a seizure, or has odd movements and behavior that maybe they suspect is a seizure.    After the seizure passes, it leads one to ask many questions, including, “What just happened to my dog?”, “What caused the seizure?” and the top question, "Will my dog be okay?"    The important thing to remember is to remain calm, and to no