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Halloween was a Howling Good Time!

As you can tell, Halloween in the FiveSibe household really is some howling good fun! We are going to close out this frightfully good day with a video of the Sibes' (well, four out of the five) doing what they do best, followed by some pics of them enjoying their treats, and then finally, one of our jack-o-lanterns featuring a running Husky (stencil compliments of Tales of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue !) We hope all Huskies, canines, pets, and Hu-family members had a great Howl-oween!          Treats!!! Chloe digs right in... No, Gibson and Chloe, (the hungry mungries of the pack) it's not food... Bandit doing what she does best...stealing... Chloe, after giving up on eating it, gets all cozy with the stuffed jack-o-lantern... Wolf happily guarding his pumpkin so his sis, Bandit, doesn't steal it too... Gibson, still trying to eat his. No, Gib, not pumpkin like what's in your dinner! Harley doing what she does best...regally portrayin

It's "Monster Mash" Time! Happy Howl-o-ween!