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Introducing "Canine Cooking Corner," and it's a Blog Hop!

Bandit is all ready to get cookin'! Since baking and whipping up treats in the kitchen (especially during the holiday season) is a favorite pastime for my daughter and I...and, of course, the Sibes...I thought I'd launch a new weekly blog hop called "Canine Cooking Corner" that will feature all kinds of snout-smackin' good recipes for our furpals. There will be recipes for healthy kibble add-ins, quick-n-easy nutritional dishes, homemade treats, and some healthy scratch recipes. I should add here that two years ago, when my boy Gibson was diagnosed with epilepsy and put on two kinds of medications, he gained 14 pounds as a side effect of the meds (voracious appetite). I became inventive with the add-ins (i.e. green beans, pumpkin, carrots, etc.) as a way of giving him healthy, fiber-rich foods that will fill him up, but not fatten him up. I'm able to keep him at a steady weight now - and decided to share the healthy add-ins with the rest of the furfamily. A