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Canine Epilepsy: Blog the Change for Animals on a Flashback Friday!

--> #LiveGibStrong * #LiveGibStrongForever Today is Blog the Change for Animals and Flashback Friday and I’m talking about the upcoming Purple Day® for Epilepsy . In just 70 days, it will be March 26 - Purple Day! My Flashback is this photo of my boy, Gibson, with his poster for awareness that I take when I'm on the road talking about Canine Epilepsy, fundraising, or signing books, not just on March 26, but all year long . Many of you know by now that my beautiful Epi-Husky, Gibson, earned his wings and journeyed North of the Rainbow Bridge shortly before Christmas this past December. It was so sudden, I still can not believe he is gone. I feel, see, and hear him everywhere. He was my very special boy. My canine super hero. My heart dog. He was my inspiration and partner behind our #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness Campaign to let others know that dogs can – and DO – live full, happy lives with Canine Epilepsy. And in the end, it was not Canine Epile