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Merry Meme Monday: Fifty Shades of Prey ๐Ÿ˜‚

 BOL!  Many thanks to the Roll's for this novel pic and meme of their handsome "Blaze!" ๐Ÿ˜‚ Happy Monday!

Woo Like a Pirate Day With Gibson!

It's a fun memory from our 2015 treasure chest for today's international  Talk Like a Pirate Day...   "Awooo, Mateys! Pirate Gib here t' put a wee bit of fun in yer Sunday. 'Tis me dressed 'ere in me pirate's hat from a past Howloween! Shiver me wooly fur, this pirate stuff be fun!" Oh, how I miss my boy's beautiful handsome face! Gibson was always up for some fun! I hope he is having a fun Pirate's Day with his mates Harley, Chloe, and Bandit north of the Rainbow Bridge!     "Not all treasure is silver and gold, Mate." ~Jack Sparrow  Thanks to Zoolatry for the badge!     Did you enter our ongoing First Paw Coffee Giveaway? Click HERE to enter!     Back to FiveSibes Blog Home Pag e to read other posts   and check out our other NEW Pages!        #ForeverFiveSibes 

Happy Howling Huskies on a #FlashbackFriday!

      Flashback Photo ~ Harley, Chloe, Wolf & Bandit ~ September 2018   For a howling good concert, albeit a little out of tune, turn up your volume and enjoy the following video!   ๐Ÿ”Š๐ŸŽถ   Flashback Video ~ Harley, Chloe, Wolf & Bandit ~ September 2018 I often say how much I miss all the howling my Huskies did. It was truly such a family thing for them. It typically would kick off with one of the Pupsters, Wolfie, Bandit, or Chloe, feeling the call of their ancestors, but would only howl and sing if their "momma" Harley would lead them off!  So, in true "kid" fashion, one of Pupsters would either bark or woo at Harley to get her to start howling (and she always obliged them, howling as though she had a golden voice...only Harley had an awful howl! It more of a cross between a loud croak or the sound of animal in pain! I kid you not! As beautiful as she was, her voice was not! But, it was so part of her charm. She woulds fling her head back and up high, proud

Newsy Tuesday: Happiness is a Mug of First Paw Coffee and a Coffee Giveaway!

Woo! Hello and Happy Newsy Tuesday! Today we are talking about one of my favorite things (besides Huskies) -- coffee! Yum! As many of my readers know, I am a true java nut! I also have a very particular palate when it comes to my coffee. I love a good cup that is rich, naturally flavorful, would be great hot or over ice, has to be smooth, no burnt taste here! That's why today, I am so happy to be reviewing an excellent new coffee from a well-known mushing friend from Team Ineka of Alaska, and producer of my Dog Works Radio show, "The Sibe Vibe"-- Robert Forto! Robert, and his fellow mushing, dog training, and media co-producer wife Michele, along with their 50+ sled dogs are the faces behind the new small family-owned and operated First Paw Coffee Co . in Alaska, USA. I received samples of First Paw Coffee for an honest review, and as I always say, I only write about products I use and love!   First Paw Coffee Co.'s founders & owners Robert & Michele

Remembering Harley: Our Beautiful Alpha Queen on Her 2nd Rainbow Bridge Anniversary

  Two years. It seems incredulous that it could be two years ago today that our beautiful alpha queen "Harley" - our first Siberian Husky and OG of the #FiveSibes pack family - earned her furangel wings.  Harley was, as my daughter put it, one "badass" dog. She was a beauty. She was Siberian Husky through and through. She could win you over with a blue-eyed glance. She was the love of Gibson's life from the moment he came home and she rolled him fluffy tail over head into our backyard pool! Oh, he was smitten. She suddenly found herself "momma" dog when we one day brought home not one, not two, but THREE puppies! She took Wolfie, Chloe, and Bandit under her wing as though they were her very own. Teaching them, correcting them with a nibble to the neck, loving them, snuggling with them, and engaging in crazy Husky play with them and Gibson.    She was an amazing dog. She was my daughter's dog. From the first day she came home as a puppy in our car d